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Customer Service Excellence Maintained


Customer Service Excellence

Merthyr Housing have once again maintained their Customer Service Excellence Award.

There are 57 elements to the award and the Association was fully compliant in 49 elements, partially compliant in just 3 elements and compliant plus in 5 areas.   The 5 main areas assessed are in relation to:

  • Customer Insight
  • The Culture of the Organisation
  • Information and Access
  • Delivery
  • Timeliness and Quality of Service



The strengths of the Association were summarised as follows:

Over the past year, MTHA has worked hard to identify what its strategic direction will be to ensure it meets the challenges ahead. This has resulted in a clear mission statement and set of values to support the direction. The Senior Management Team have shown a commitment to placing the tenant at the centre of the organisation and what it is looking to achieve.

MTHA staff all showed initiative and willingness to bring up ideas and proposals to improve the service they provide for tenants. The ‘stories book’ was used frequently to record ideas that had arisen, their rationale and how the customer experience would improve as a result. Various examples were presented showing how individual staff had taken proposals forward that had made improvements.

There is absolute c1arityto all tenants and partners about the accountability between the different stakeholders. On every occasion, people indicated very clearly that the boundaries between the different providers were very much understood.

A major strength of MTHA is the contribution it makes to the Merthyr Tydfil community. At the broad level, its work on the transformation of the Town Hall into an arts centre has been a great achievement. This positive contribution is also experienced by a wide range of people at the individual level.

Staff in MTHA presented many examples of where good practice has been brought in from outside the organisation to improve service delivery. This is exemplified by how the Senior Management Team used the ‘wobble board’ to determine future strategic direction.

The Association was delighted to once again achieve this nationally recognised award in relation to customer service and looks forward to the challenge of continuous improvement over the coming year.

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