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Involvement that Makes a Positive Difference:

As a social landlord here at Merthyr housing we take pride in ensuring that people who live in both our properties and our communities are involved in helping us make decisions that will help produce high quality affordable housing within the borough of Merthyr Tydfil.

There are a number of ways you can become involved in tenant participation here at Merthyr Housing and benefits of becoming involved with the association are numerous both for the association and also the individual.

There are several ways in which you may get involved:

Join a Tenant & Resident Group, these groups usually meet once a month but depending where you live some groups are a lot more active while some meet quarterly.  These groups are an excellent way to not only have an input into issues in your community but also  chance to meet new friends, attend activities and days out and to get to know your Merthyr Housing staff team better.

The community development team assist all tenants and residents groups and through this partnership most groups become constituted in order to access  thousands of pounds worth of grant funding and have recently been involved with sports programmes, healthy eating initiatives, street/community clean ups, History and heritage grants and a whole host of other activities such as attending theatre performances and going on days out to Western Super Mare, Cardiff Castle, St. Fagans and many many others.

Residents of Both Georgetown  and Kevin Ryan court enjoying  an afternoon of celebration to mark the Queens Diamond Jubilee on the left with the Quar residents group on the right enjoying their annual cheese and wine evening.

The Community Development team is here to assist the tenants of Merthyr Housing and the whole community of Merthyr in a multitude of ways.  If there is something that you would like assistance with in relation to anything that affects you, you family or your community then all you need to do is ask.  Through our connections within Merthyr and beyond we are able to assist our residents in many ways and recently this has included assisting residents to change from water rates to a meter, assisting with accessing child care, helping tenants to access college and university courses as well as volunteer opportunities, signposting people to training agencies as well as many other areas.  As well as assisting families and individuals the community development team also manages the tenant involvement initiatives that are also in this GET INVOLVED section so for further information please read on.

In our aim to include the whole family in our work the Community development team also has a Youth Inclusion worker who assists families with young people to access free activities and there is an entire section of this website devoted to the work we do with young people.

Interested in becoming involved in a new group?  Staring a tenants group is not as difficult as it sounds. We can help you in lots of practical ways!

Here are some suggestions:

Talk to your neighbours. They may share your concerns and what to get things done. Get together with a few other tenants to discuss. Hold an open meeting. Let other people know about the meeting and encourage them to come along. Knock on doors. Put posters up in places people use regularly. Decide who you want to chair your first meeting. Meet with them beforehand and discuss how you want the meeting to run and what you want out of it. Do not expect too much at your first meeting. Its aim should be to let as many people as possible say what should be done and agree to set up a group or committee. Agree a date for another meeting to discuss any progress made. Receive your £50 start up grant for your group from Merthyr Housing.

Different groups have different ideas and objectives as is highlighted above.  To the left we have the residents of and St.James close with the help of the youth group creating herb growing areas from former flower beds and to the right Navigation close residents unveil the Mosaic they created depicting the mining heritage of the local area.

Interested? Please feel free to contact a member of the team;

Lee Jones Tenant & Community Development Manager 01685 352803

Nicola Garbett Tenant & Community Development Officer 01685 352835

Niki Priest Tenant & Community Development Officer 01685 352804

Carly Litchfield Tenant & Community Development Officer 01685 352804

Bethan Thomas Youth inclusion and Development Officer 01685352839

Additional Support and Information:

Welsh Tenants Federation (WTF) 01685 723922

Tenant Participation Advisory Service (TPAS) 02920 237303




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