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Bedroom Tax


In April 2013 the “under occupancy” rules will be applied to Housing Benefit, which means that tenants will be expected to pay for any bedrooms, that under Housing Benefit Regulations, they are not entitled to.

A bedroom is allocated for each of the following:

  • An adult couple (married or unmarried)
  • An adult over 16
  • A pair of children of the same sex aged under 16
  • A pair of children of any sex aged under 10
  • Other children
  • A non-resident carer providing you or your partner with overnight care(subject to completion of the relevant form and satisfying the relevant criteria)


To try and help you budget we have estimated in the tables below what you will need to pay weekly towards your RENT .


Average Rent 1 Bedroom Spare 14% deduction 2 or more Bedrooms Spare 25% deduction
£60.00 £8.40 weekly N/A
£70.00 £9.80 weekly £17.50 weekly
£80.00 £11.20 weekly £20.00 weekly
£90.00 £12.60 weekly £22.50 weekly
£100.00 £14.00 weekly £25.00 weekly


If you have any questions please ring Housing Benefit on 01685 725116

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