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Service Standards Questionnaire

Based upon your opinion, how well do you feel that we

have met the following standards throughout this quarter?


Acknowledge all of your maintenance and anti-social behaviour complaints, whether made by letter, email, telephone, or face to face in writing within 5 working days of receipt?


Provide you with a full response in 15 working days. Respond to your letters in 5 working days, and emails in 2 working days?


Respond to your telephone messages within 24 hours?


Respond to written request for modifications to property within 10 working days?


Answer the telephone when you call in a friendly manner such as ‘Good Morning, Merthyr Housing’or ‘Merthyr Housing, how may I help you?’


Treat you as equals and with respect?


Do all the work we do for you in the way we want it done ourselves?


Do as much as we can to make the service convenient for you?


Do all we can to take care of and simplify things for our vulnerable tenants?


Provide you with access to a tenant group meeting every quarter and post the information on the Associations’ website (This may need to be out of your immediate area)?


Ensure that all reports made by residents about anti-social behaviour caused by other tenants are followed up?


Contact all tenants who have had a compaint made against them to discuss the issue and write to the complainant to acknowledge the complaint enclosing nuisance log forms?


Provide you with support and understanding when you are dealing with anti-social behaviour issues?


Communicate with you sensitively about rent arrears?


Provide residents with easy to understand rental statements to include current balance, expected housing benefit and total due from tenant?


Ensure tenants have well kept ground?


Ensure tenants have fair and transparent service charges?

If you have any comments about your repair or service

please write them in the box below.

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What You Think?

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