As the restrictions brought in as part of the effort to try to reduce the impacts of Corona virus are gradually easing we thought now would be a good time to give an update on the services that we are now able to re-start.  We have been getting lots of queries about when things such as letting houses and getting things in your home fixed are likely to take place.  While we are not able to give accurate dates at this time about when we will be able to undertake certain activities we wanted to let you know where we are in relation to all of our services.

The first thing to say is that our rents team is carrying out their normal duties fully and that if you have any queries about your rent please do not hesitate to get in touch.  We are also aware that many people may be struggling with reduced income due to being put on furlough or unfortunately through being made redundant.  Again this is something that you should inform the rents team of immediately so that they can ensure you get the best advice as quickly as possible.

While we may not be able to meet face to face our community development team are still active and have been busy securing funding so that we can ensure tenants are still at the heart of the organisation and that your views are concerns are used to inform how we deliver our services and how we keep you up to date with important information.

Through the pandemic we have been working in the community to ensure both MTHA tenants and the wider community through our partnerships with several community organisations have access to basic essentials such as food and medicine.  We will be looking to start groups online as well as continuing to deliver the activity packs to both youth people and adults to ensure the well being of our tenants.  The team are also assisting many tenants with looking at their gas and electricity suppliers to see if they can save money through switching or if they are able to access assistance with grants, if you are unsure in anyway please get in touch to see if we can help you.

Maintenance services

We are currently undertaking the following:

  • Emergency reactive works
  • Urgent external reactive works
  • All life safe services such as gas, electrical, lifts etc..
  • Grass  cutting / grounds maintenance
  • Void maintenance work

We are about to start:

  • asbestos containing material surveys.
  • Non-urgent external reactive works
  • Urgent internal reactive works

In the coming weeks we are also in discussions with our locally used contractors with regards to re-starting planned maintenance works such as door renewals.

We will continue to review guidance given from Government with a view of possible increasing or decreasing work.


  • Void inspections of empty properties now being undertaken
  • Viewings and lettings to recommence from week commencing 29 June 2020 for properties advertised and allocated prior to lock down – social distancing regulations and use of PPE to be adhered to.
  • Advertising of available properties to recommence from week commencing 29 June 2020.
  • Subsequent allocating, viewings and lettings of new advertised properties to commence from early July – social distancing regulations and use of PPE to be adhered to.
  • Estate inspections to recommence from early July

If you have any queries about how these services will affect you please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01685 352800 or email or contact us on Facebook or twitter @MerthyrHousing