During the week before Christmas 2017 MTHA staff from across the association undertook a large scale Ground Force type project to rejuvenate Georgetown Boys and Girls club to round off a year of celebrations to commemorate the association’s 40th anniversary.  The project also coincided with the 50th year celebrations of Georgetown boys and girls club so it was great to see 2 different long serving Merthyr Tydfil Community organisations coming together.

The Boys and Girls club has undertaken some major improvements and changes in recent time from taking ownership of their own property to undertaking major new refurbishment of the fabric of the building through grant funding and assistance from the local authority.  MTHA had offered support through ought the process and after speaking with the Chairman of the club it became clear that what was needed was a complete internal redecoration of the building.  With the skills and support of MTHA staff it was established that we were able to redecorate the ground floor giving all walls and ceilings a new lease of life through repainting the walls in different colours and reinvigorating the ceilings through fresh paint. The staff members were also able to re-gloss existing skirting board or replace damaged or old skirting board with plastic which will reduce the ongoing maintenance for the club in the future.  The internal doors were also given a fresh coat of gloss and the fire door in one room which was due to be replaced was fixed and painted which removed the need for an expensive replacement door.

While the focus of the redecoration was internal MTHA staff also had the capacity to improve the outside landscape of the club which had become run down and also required ongoing maintenance.  In order to remove ongoing maintenance costs it was decided to remove former flower beds and grassed areas and replace them with decorative stone with membrane underneath to prevent weeds from growing.  The area around the club is very large and while a good proportion of the external perimeter is now complete we were unable to tackle the entire area and so the entire area received a litter pick and strim to ensure the area was left looking more attractive.  If any organisation or individual would like to assist with the remainder of the works please contact MTHA and we will aim to co-ordinate a future improvement to the area.

The work all took place over 3 very long and exhausting days in the run up to Christmas with the weather being very kind especially for the workers who were outside!  The Boys and Girls club which is used extensively by the local community and MTHA is now in a much stronger position to move forward and the Chairman of the club Ray Davis said “I’m amazed how much better the club looks and how much was done in such a short time, everyone who comes into the club is saying how much better it looks!”

The project was the first in what MTHA hope will be a long list of community projects carried out using the power and good will of our staff, our contractors and our community.  The new project is called the ‘Community Improvement Fund’ and the aim is to work with communities to improve the physical landscape of the borough.  There is no money to apply for or complicated application process to go through the simple idea is that MTHA can provide the staff, labour, materials and expertise to undertake community projects alongside any community organisation or group no matter how big or small even if the group is not constituted for the benefit of the local community.