Greener Homes

Optimised Retrofit – How we are planning to make your home greener

Merthyr Housing is working with the Welsh Government to access funding to apply retrofit measures to our properties to make them greener. An Optimised Retrofit is the installation of more efficient technologies and or improvements to the ability of your property to retain heat (insulation) within your home to replace and or support lower carbon intense energy sources for power, heating and hot water. It is essential that any measures selected for your property are the correct ones based on the property and your needs.

Why is action needed?

You may be aware that the UK Government has committed to the whole of the UK reducing its carbon emissions to zero by 2050. Climate change is a global issue with local consequences, including poorer air quality, increased temperatures, and local flooding. Making our homes greener is an important part of our overall efforts to reduce the impact of climate change across Wales​.

What we are doing

We have started a programme of optimised retrofit on some homes. The work on these homes will include new smart technology and we will install an Intelligent Energy System (IES) that will make it easier to understand how your energy is used and help you manage it more effectively. This means you could save money now or in the long run. In order to come up with a plan to make your home as green as possible, we need to understand more about the way your home is built, as well as the way you use it day-to-day​. As well as being good for the environment, retrofit is shown to also be good for you and your wellbeing – by making it easier for you to manage your home and keep warm and cosy. Welsh Government and Merthyr Housing will pay for the installation and work to make your home greener​.

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