Report a Repair

How to Report a Repair

Repairs can be reported by:

  • Coming into the office in person during our opening hours, Monday – Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm, except on Wednesday when our office is closed to visitors.
  • Telephone our freephone repairs helpline 0800 7314 293 (24 hours) or Mobile phone users – 0330 123 9015
  • E-mailing us at:
  • Writing a letter to us
  • Reporting on-line (if reporting online please be aware that this will only be delivered during office hours) – complete the online form here

Repairs should be reported to us as soon as possible in order to allow us to respond quickly and limit inconvenience. Please give us accurate information about the repairs and tell us when we can gain access to your property to inspect and carry out the work.

Out of Hours Emergency Service

 Our out of hours emergency service is managed by Delta Wellbeing.

When our office is closed, you can contact them on 0300 3332222

Alternatively, please use the online out-of-hours emergency form below. The form immediately goes through to the Delta Wellbeing mailbox so that advisors can action your emergency call without delay. This is particularly helpful during busy periods (such as bad weather) when call waiting times may be longer than normal.

Out of Hours Emergency Repair Form – English

Out of Hours Emergency Repair Form – Welsh

Timescale for Repairs to be Carried Out

Each repair request is given a target date to be completed by, depending on whether it is an Emergency, Urgent or Routine.

Emergency Response – Should be completed within 24 Hours of being reported. An emergency repair would be a repair which could afect your health, safety or security.
For Example: Major water leaks, Power failures, Blocked drains and faulty locks.

Urgent Response – Should be completed within 7 days  of being reported. An urgent repair could be a health and safety hazard, but are not serious enough to be classed as an emergency.
For Example: Roof Leaks, Hot water faults or Minor electrical.

Routine Repairs – Should be completed within 30 days of being reported. Routine repairs are the normal wear-and-tear repairs that are not urgent.
For Example: Dripping taps, Repairs to plaster work / finishes, fencing repairs and most external works.

If you require an appointment to have the repair carried out, please advise the maintenance department when you can allow access.

Right to Repair

Under certain circumstances a tenant has the right to carry out repairs which are our responsibility and for which they will be reimbursed at the agreed cost of the repairs. This applies where you have reported a repair in writing and we have, without good reason, failed to carry out the repair within 28 days of receiving your repair request. Anyone considering using the ‘Right to Repair’ must contact our Maintenance Department before attempting to carry out repairs under these circumstances, as they will need to be advised about the specific written guidelines which apply.

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