What we have all been working towards is finally here. The Renting Homes Wales Act (RHWA) and its changes has arrived and from today, we will be implementing those changes – whether that’s sharing the new occupation contracts with our new tenants, embedding our new policies and procedures, as well as making sure that our existing tenants are ready for their new contracts to arrive in the new year.

What hasn’t and won’t change is our commitment to supporting our communities and providing excellent services. The way you pay your rent won’t change.

Take a look at this leaflet renters-changes as it will hopefully help you understand what it all means and what we’ll be doing from today.

All of our staff have received training on the Act and will be able to answer your questions, point you in the direction of further information and make sure that you feel comfortable with what this means for you, our tenants, partners and community.

More information about the Renting Homes Wales Act, you can click here.